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Click "Find my location" for a map with all your local stations. Mine is the one just to the right of the Plant Scherer lake South of Juliette GA.

Juliette 2 Day Hourly Graph

15 Day Forecast 

The Amazing Wind Map

This site will continue to have forecasts and river levels.  
The "New Weather Station Link" was necessary because the old station is  falling apart.
I may order parts and try to repair it at some point.
Juliette, Georgia, weather forecast

Composites. Scroll down for the graph

Jackson,Dames Ferry and Towaliga 
Jackson,Dames Ferry and Macon 
South, Alcovy and Yellow
Towaliga, Yellow and Jackson Ocmulgee 
External tropical and rain links with additional options:

84 hour precipitation animation

Southeast 384 hour rain and fronts forecast
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Georgia river gauge levels and forecasts
Individual guages clickable

Spaghetti Models

Massive collection of tropical weather links

Tropical Tidbits
In depth discussion of significant current tropical storms

Wind Air Quality